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We would like to thank you for your interest in our

Year-Round Youth Sports Training Programs. 

The Best Basketball Training in Town!

My name is Chauncey Jones, I have been playing sports all of my life. Basketball has taken me around the world

and back! I'm the former starting point guard

from the University of Alabama "Roll Tide".

 I'm blessed to have the opportunity to share

my experiences and skills with others like your children.

My company, Ball Like Me Sports, teaches children

ages 4-17, Real Basketball fundamentals,

Concepts and Discipline. 

I want to provide your child with training like the


receive in their careers. 

Our Intense Agility training helps enhance speed and quick thinking ability that all athletes can use to become better!

Ball Like Me Sports provides high-quality training

for beginners, averaged, advanced and elite players.

We'll do everything we can to help you or your child get better.

Our Sessions includes shooting techniques, complete game knowledge, high school and college drills, great sportsmanship and much more.  

Call or Text us today at

708-320-9752 or email us

Join the Ball Like Me Sports team today.

We are available Year-Round.

Register your athlete at any time! 

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